Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas another season of celebration and happiness. But for me, it’s just another season that reminds me of being alone because of the emptiness that’s filling me. If I could only hold the hands of time, and let it just stop even for a while. Just for a while.

I’m here, all alone. Looking at the stars as my skin feels the cold breeze that the cold season brings. I’m imagining that you were beside me, hugging me tight, giving me a warm feeling and whispering sweet words to my ears. How I wish that I could see you smiling this Christmas, even you're with him. This is one of my saddest christmas ever. I wish there would be someone to spend the lonely christmas with. Someone who can make me smile even just for this Christmas day. Someone who can wipe every tears that will fall down from this eyes. This christmas, I hope you are happy, I’m pretty sure that he's the only guy who can make you smile this christmas. If god would give me a wish, I would wish to forget about you even just for this coming christmas day. So I can enjoy it without any longing for someone, without any ache or pain inside my heart. Even if my heart and mind don't want your memories to be thrown away inside their spaces, this feeling really hurts, forgetting all your thoughts is nothing but a death trap.

I think it's gonna be unfair if I'll greet you on this way, but still