Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HBD oink-oink

I'm unable to greet your for your 20'th birthday. But still, have a great one. Happy birthday oink-oink!

- I'ts her 20th birthday
-She loves to eat
-She loves pigs and pink stuffs
-A student at PUP
-BS Tourism
-Former BS Accountancy
-My only greeter at my 14th birthday
-She loves Avril Lavigne
-She has a chinese decent
-She has a guy's name
-She do loves baby Taz and Chowder
-She has a younger sister named Aiko Carmelli
-She's my first love
-My first heartbreak
-She loves to dance
-She calls me "Emboink"
-She's pretty
-She gave me a book as a gift for my 17th birthday  and a cardboard box full of quotation cards
-It's been a year since I saw her
-She loves vanilla Ice cream
-She gave me a piggy key chain
-I lost it
-I saw her cry twice
-We watched the sunset together last December 3, 2009
-I met her mom once
-She knows taekwondo
-She didn't let me court her *LAUGHs* such a looser
-She always bits her tongue
-She's gladys
yeah, she's Gladys

Post script : Whoever happens to read this please greet her for me if you still has a communication with her :)