Sunday, December 7, 2008

Letters From My Past

Lately this morning, I was fixing some things on my room. Then Ii accidentally saw my old note book. My old school notebook. Then I remember that it was the notebook that she used to borrow from me. I turn the pages until I reached the last leaf. As I turned at the last page
I saw the writings that you have made on it. You wrote my nickname MBON, you also write my full name twice. I also saw some erased writings on it. I knew you wrote that too. It was also my name if I'm not mistaken. My name with a sort of four letter word at the end that I can’t read clearly.

Then I stopped for a little while, for a tear to fell from my eyes and it landed on the pages of that notebook.
That writings really remind me of how good we used to be before. Of how you once cared for me. But now it’s all gone. I need to accept the fact that you’re only a memory now. A memory that brings joy and tears to my eyes.

After fixing my room, it took the notebook to our backyard. I burned it all the way through. Until it became ashes, ashes full of memories. How I wish that m feelings for you were also burned as the papers do. This time I need to fix things out. I need to heal this broken heart. The heart that used to love a girl that never loved him back..



_Ms.Vhyne_ said...

nice.. xoxo..touching naman..kaya mo yan....!..

_Ms.Vhyne_ said...

salamat din walang katulad mong komento, tagus sa puso..^_^

ang lahat ng isunusulat ko sa blog ko ay mula din sa puso ko..
based on experience baga..

maliban lang sa trying to say what lies within..nagustuhan ko lng un..

gusto ko din blog mo..
idol kita eh.. hehe...
kip it up..!

SaDHeaRt said...

sana nga parang abo lng n mdaling mkalimutan pero hinde eh..

irap tlga pag totoong mahal mo d mu kyang kalimutan ng ganun n lng.

peo auz lng un naayos mo nman cguro ang kwar2 mo noh cguro pnalinis sau ng nanay mo no ahehe
geh .....

_virgreen_ said...

di ko akalain na
ganyan pla magmahal ang mga lalake..
well, i havent love enyone yet!!
kakatakot kc eh..
pero ngaun
susubukan ko ng mgtiwala...
khit n masakit..bsta
maranasan Q lang lumigaya!!


erom said...

learn the art of letting go, how can u move if u r stacked at the past...keep moving forward