Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I know right from the start that you don't like me.
But being pretty close to you is enough for me.

If you can’t be mine,
can you please stay even just for a while?
It doesn't mean that I'm smiling,
my heart is not crying.
Its not because you can see me fighting
inside me I'm not dying.
For loving you is like a seeking star,
it’s impossible to reach you coz your too far.
But if you really are for me,
I know that love will find a way, no matter how it will be .
It was so hard to think that you will never be mine.
But it’s more painful to realize
that I knew it right from the start.
If you would give me a chance,
I‘ll tell the whole world how much I love you.
While knowing how loud I shout.
It’s just a crazy thing for you.
Just like what others tell
"saying I love you is also saying goodbye"
Knowing how hard I try,

This pain will never ever die.

Is it time to let go? Is it time to say my goodbyes?

Or is it the time for me, to let you hear how my heart cry?

I’m not letting you see tears fall again.

I’m not gonna show you how broken I am.

But this time I’ll try,

I’ll try to say goodbye.

This little farewell makes me wanna die.

But I aint got any choice to make things go right.

As much as I love you, I need to say goodbye.



SaDHeaRt said...

hai naku naman todo emo ka nananamn hayaan mo d2 lng ako at ang parokya d naman mwawala un eh icpin mo s bwat pagibig my sakripisyo tlaga wah kng malungkot d2 lng ako sa likod mo para alalayan ka at kung sakaling nag-iisa ka tawagin mo lng ako khit alam kong d ako ang kailnagan moh...

_vhyne_ said...

you're not mahina.. thats not what i mean.., being sensitive as a man-is what makes you strong.. you express how you feel, some just kept on silence..have guts to fight for you heart truly desire, she'll be greatful having you..cause i know you really love her,and your works prove it!!...^_-


_virgreen_ said...


sabagay,hindi nga nmn
kayoh pare2ho..

tnx xa comment po!!