Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too Far From Your Smile

I'm now walking away from those pretty smiles
Stepping out my feet, behind those glittering eyes
Her sweet and me llowish voice
This broken heart is screaming his goodbyes

I talk to the stars every night
Pretendin' it’s you. suddenly I realize
they're all similar to you
too far to reply to whatever I'm saying
can't hear me whenever I’m talking

Its always been a mystery
why tears fall because of pain
but now I've got the answer
they're also like heaven and rain

The past remains here with me
and I’m trying my best to get out from it
like what i said, "soon I’ll be okay"
That’s a promise, I will never be the same

This may be the ending
Of this very sad story
But I'm thankful about it
‘Coz you are the one
Who brought colors to its pictures

Someday, someone will fix things out
Someone will heal my broken heart
Smile will shine again on my face
Somehow, time will erase the pain

I’m now far from your pretty smile
Miles and miles away pain will fade in time
I know the sun of happiness will shine again
It will clear all of the sadness
To where the memories of the past are written


Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad Thoughts Of Saying Goodbye

Sometimes, things went better if you'll just let them go, you need to accept the fact that even you want them to stay, they just can’t. Because some people were not meant to be in your life, no matter how you want them to be. Things will go on the right time at the right place, if not now, just wait and you will see. Life has its own wonderful way of making things better, if pain starts to go down, then just be strong to let go. Everything happens for its own reason.

I wrote all of these knowing that this will worth nothing to you. Things wouldn't change by this stupid writings I have made. But still, all of these are for you. Your name is behind every word I have written in this. Each of its letters spells your memory out.

Now, I’m here, finding out words to say goodbye. Leaving those memories that was once gave me a smile. I know I can let you go. I can still find a right person who will care for me the way I have loved you.

Time will come and I will finish picking up the broken pieces of my heart that you have left inside me. Tears will no longer fall from my eyes. I know I made a right decision, to give you up. Promise me you'll love him with all of your heart. Make him smile, like the way you did to me.

I will now walk on a different path. But if someday our roads meet again, you'll see a better me. You'll see a smile glowing in my face. Thank you for making me happy even just for a while. I promise, I will be happy, I will smile at the right time.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love is Leaving

Thank you for all those times you've cared. For all of those memories we once shared. I know your happy right now with him and me? I’m lifting this broken heart of mine. Away from what yesterday had made it cry. I want this heart to be free to start a new life. A life with joy and happiness. I want to seek for someone whose willing to wipe all of my tears who’s gonna be around for me forever. Let me escape from all of those aches and pain. I know I can make it, Even if I’m not with you. This is my silent way of telling you I love you. I will now look for my own happiness. But let me tell you my sweet goodbyes.

You've made me strong, from all those pains. I know you can see me happy, smiling at some ways. This broken soul is starting to mend. But maybe someday , if the feelings comes again.I’m not gonna love, what I have done the same way again. I will now break the pain that once broke my heart and I know I can ease the heartaches.


All I want to say is goodbye. I’m telling you these words because now I know.

Now I’m never gonna cry.

As I walk alone, I will leave your memories behind

I know I can make it

Even without your smile

I want you to be happy

For the rest of your life

Don’t want to see

A single tear from your eyes

It’s been so long since this heart starts to break

Now I know it’s the right time to let it mend

I’m now through with love

I’m now through with pain

And I don’t wanna feel the same way again

This heart needs to leave you

And I know he can

‘Coz this bleeding heart

Ss so tired of being broken

Now I’m erasing all those memories

You’ve written across my heart

Leaving all those empty spaces

That once fell apart

Let me say I love you

But it also means goodbye

Hear me say these words again

Just one last time

You'll always be a part of my memories


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Vision Of Insanity

I have given up all of my strength

But still, I’m not the one for you

Yeah I want you to be happy

Even if the reason is not me

I'm letting you go now

Coz I know It’s the right thing to do

I've let the pain tear my heart apart

Done it all coz of my love for you

Now, all I can do is to stare at you from a distance

Holding back my tears

Coz I don’t want you to see it falling

All I want you to see is that I'm smiling

This is the hardest part of giving you up

I know I’m letting you go and I’ll leave this heart empty

You won’t really care for me after all

With all of this heartaches

Bleeding inside my soul

It’s time to set myself free

For tears to start fading

I know someday, somehow

This heart can start moving on

I’m erasing the memories

You've written across my heart

I’m down, but I keep on standing

I’m in pain but I just keep fighting

I can fight this feeling and I’m sure about that

And I want you to see

How strong to let go I was

I’m now turning the pages

The chapters of your memories
I’m nearly finish reading

This really sad story

Now I learned

Not every story has its own happy ending

But whatever the ending was

I know I’ll learn a lot from it