Monday, June 29, 2009

At The Back Of My Mind

As I live, I learned to fight for what you think is right, and for what you think is yours.

I probably learn that the one who supposed never to let you down, will give you reasons to cry. I have been broken not even once, and it’s harder every time.

Crying because the time is running too fast and I eventually loss someone I really love.
I'm not afraid for an end. I’m probably afraid if love will never begin again.

I even find it difficult to try to love again, for how do I portray you, a love that I never knew.

Every time I close my eyes, it's you that I see. A sweet lil’ angel, whose waving goodbye at me.

Where is it that I belong? I know it’s not to you.

I love her so willingly, though, now it’s killing me,

With love that will never be mine

I know someday, somehow.
Every little thing will gonna be fine.

I'm going to smile, whenever I will see your face

Laugh when I feel like crying

Never thought that happiness will again be broken

I think god want things to be better for me.

When there's no one else around to see, how this heart breaks into pieces

I would look to myself and wonder, why is this happening?

Holding on to a hope, that you will save me from emptiness

and once again, second chances will be given.

Holding on is tough, much tougher than letting go or simply quitting.

Holding on coz somehow, you became a part of me.

How can I make it through the day, without you?

You have been so much a part of me,

And if you go,

I’ll never know what to do

How can I carry on my way the memories?

When all that is left is the pain of our history

Why should I live my life today?

I cannot live out on my own.
And just forget the love you have always shown

And accept the fate of my condition.

Now silence stays again with me, for you've left me here bleeding in vain.

How can I leave your memories behind? If my heart beats for you all the time.