Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pieces Of a Shattered Heart

You've taken a piece of my broken heart

Now I don't know where I will start

I'm lost in the darkness, losing again my track

I'm searching for your light

But it's harder every time

Your sweet memories linger in my mind

I seek for your smile,

But now it's hard to find

You faded away completely

I'm loosing track of time

You took a piece of my broken heart

Took it all away, I wondered why?

You don't need that piece, don't hide it now

My heart needs to beat, it needs that piece right now

This brittle heart needs to find his way

To let you go now, inside it where you've stayed

It's not the pain, that make things so hard

It's the little piece of your memory

Left inside my heart

This fragile heart thought you'd always be there

But now it's all alone, no one seems to care

He takes it all, the sorrow, the pain

Now he's crying out loud, suffering in vain

You stole a piece of this broken heart

You're running away, to a distance so far

Will all this end here? When it will start?

If you would not comeback, take with you my heart

If someday, I'll had a chance

To see you again, in a sad romance

Please give me that piece, you've taken away

So this broken heart will be complete in some ways