Tuesday, March 19, 2013



This moment Had never crossed my mind
I never imagined thing's will end up this way
I'm not inlove with you anymore
Guess what I'm feeling now is dismay

How did everything happened?
I don't know a single reason
Maybe I'm just sad for you
But still, lives should go on

Think I was wrong 
for every other thought
for every other minute
for everything you've brought

I know you're still happy
for this heaven's Little angel
I know she'll be wonderful
pretty, sweet and gentle

This will be the last time
I promise I will write
This one's for the two of you
Guess I'm not so right.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HBD oink-oink

I'm unable to greet your for your 20'th birthday. But still, have a great one. Happy birthday oink-oink!

- I'ts her 20th birthday
-She loves to eat
-She loves pigs and pink stuffs
-A student at PUP
-BS Tourism
-Former BS Accountancy
-My only greeter at my 14th birthday
-She loves Avril Lavigne
-She has a chinese decent
-She has a guy's name
-She do loves baby Taz and Chowder
-She has a younger sister named Aiko Carmelli
-She's my first love
-My first heartbreak
-She loves to dance
-She calls me "Emboink"
-She's pretty
-She gave me a book as a gift for my 17th birthday  and a cardboard box full of quotation cards
-It's been a year since I saw her
-She loves vanilla Ice cream
-She gave me a piggy key chain
-I lost it
-I saw her cry twice
-We watched the sunset together last December 3, 2009
-I met her mom once
-She knows taekwondo
-She didn't let me court her *LAUGHs* such a looser
-She always bits her tongue
-She's gladys
yeah, she's Gladys

Post script : Whoever happens to read this please greet her for me if you still has a communication with her :)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Someday, someway

I may never be able to give this,

but still, all of these are dedicated to you.


I’d like to tell you

How much I you mean to me

And I’m always wishin'

Forever we could be

I wish that the words that I speak

Was heard by your heart

With the same feelings of love

True happiness starts

For more than you'll ever know

I love you for so long

more than just the way you hold me

I know it's you, where I really belong

Every time I close my eyes

It’s you that I always see

My sweet lil' angel

Who’s always smiling at me

Now that I have you

I won’t leave you behind

Coz a treasure like you

Is so impossible to find

Never I’ve imagined

Things will be this way

Maybe god made you

To bring colors to my way

For once in a lifetime

Is my only chance to have you

Now I know how lucky I am

To have someone like you






Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pieces Of a Shattered Heart

You've taken a piece of my broken heart

Now I don't know where I will start

I'm lost in the darkness, losing again my track

I'm searching for your light

But it's harder every time

Your sweet memories linger in my mind

I seek for your smile,

But now it's hard to find

You faded away completely

I'm loosing track of time

You took a piece of my broken heart

Took it all away, I wondered why?

You don't need that piece, don't hide it now

My heart needs to beat, it needs that piece right now

This brittle heart needs to find his way

To let you go now, inside it where you've stayed

It's not the pain, that make things so hard

It's the little piece of your memory

Left inside my heart

This fragile heart thought you'd always be there

But now it's all alone, no one seems to care

He takes it all, the sorrow, the pain

Now he's crying out loud, suffering in vain

You stole a piece of this broken heart

You're running away, to a distance so far

Will all this end here? When it will start?

If you would not comeback, take with you my heart

If someday, I'll had a chance

To see you again, in a sad romance

Please give me that piece, you've taken away

So this broken heart will be complete in some ways


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wishes in the Wind

I've tried but I can’t help my self

Can't disguise the way I feel inside

I'm breaking apart so helplessly

I close my eyes and believe completely

That your soft hands are touching me

But I'm so wrong

Just a victim of a fantasy

Every time I close my eyes

You just disappear, you say goodbye

I can’t sleep 'til d last start leaves d sky

With every beat of my heart I'm wishing

You were mine

And I hope you feel the same way too

Every tears in my eyes are because of you

You thought me how to love you

But you didn’t told me how to stop

Now this broken heart,

Is the only thing I've got

I'm so lost without you,

I'm running out of time

You're fading away completely

All I can do is to cry

You're the one thing

That keeps me on smiling

But now you are gone

Every part of me is breaking











Monday, June 29, 2009

At The Back Of My Mind

As I live, I learned to fight for what you think is right, and for what you think is yours.

I probably learn that the one who supposed never to let you down, will give you reasons to cry. I have been broken not even once, and it’s harder every time.

Crying because the time is running too fast and I eventually loss someone I really love.
I'm not afraid for an end. I’m probably afraid if love will never begin again.

I even find it difficult to try to love again, for how do I portray you, a love that I never knew.

Every time I close my eyes, it's you that I see. A sweet lil’ angel, whose waving goodbye at me.

Where is it that I belong? I know it’s not to you.

I love her so willingly, though, now it’s killing me,

With love that will never be mine

I know someday, somehow.
Every little thing will gonna be fine.

I'm going to smile, whenever I will see your face

Laugh when I feel like crying

Never thought that happiness will again be broken

I think god want things to be better for me.

When there's no one else around to see, how this heart breaks into pieces

I would look to myself and wonder, why is this happening?

Holding on to a hope, that you will save me from emptiness

and once again, second chances will be given.

Holding on is tough, much tougher than letting go or simply quitting.

Holding on coz somehow, you became a part of me.

How can I make it through the day, without you?

You have been so much a part of me,

And if you go,

I’ll never know what to do

How can I carry on my way the memories?

When all that is left is the pain of our history

Why should I live my life today?

I cannot live out on my own.
And just forget the love you have always shown

And accept the fate of my condition.

Now silence stays again with me, for you've left me here bleeding in vain.

How can I leave your memories behind? If my heart beats for you all the time.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blissful Mem'ries

Monday, March 16, 2009

Until We Meet Again

This maybe the ending of our story. But I believe that this is not the end of our everlasting friendship. The laughter s, the aches, the tears and the smiles we once shared. I won’t forget any of them. They will always be here inside my heart. Thank you my friends for sharing me the wonderful essence of life. You are the ones who made me happy in my hard times. The memories you shared with me will forever draw a smile in my lips. I won’t forget the good and the bad times that we had. You're all a beautiful part of my story. So let me say this little farewell to all of you. I wanna thank you for everything, for every single second that you spend with me, for the times you've helped me, for accepting me even at my worst., you thought me wonderful things I never thought I could do. You are the ones who teach me how beautiful life is. All of you are the reasons of who am I right now, of what I am at this point of my life, a part of me will always be with you my, UNTIL THE END MY FRIENDS.

We Hardly Shared A Glance

to Greet And Know Each Other

and Now The Time Is Up

the Band Is Packing Up

we'll Find Another Chance

to Meet Again Together

and Fill Each Other's Cup

I Feel Like Breaking Up

it's This Time That Almost

always Makes Me Cry

before We Say Goodbye

I Want To Let You Know I Love You...

thank You For Playing My Music

and Thank You For Singing My Song

thank You For Sharing A Moment

'cause With You I Feel I Really Belong

thank You For Keeping Me Company

and Thank You For Being My Friend

and If Our Paths Should Cross Somewhere Someday

I'd Love To Sing This Song Again

I Pray The Lord Our God

richly Bless And Keep You

together Let Us Call

and Thank Him Most Of All

somehow I'm Feeling Sad

I Know I'm Gonna Miss You

I Know I Will Recall

this Warm And Cozy Hall

still There's One More Thing

before The Day Is Done

before The Lights Are Gone

before The Curtain Closes, Let Me

thank You For Playing My Music

and Thank You For Singing My Song

thank You For Sharing A Moment

'cause With You I Feel I Really Belong

thank You For Keeping Me Company

and Thank You For Being My Friend

and If Our Paths Should Cross Someday

then I'd Really Be Glad, Yes Ill Really Be Glad,

i'd Like To Thank You Once Again.