Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hear Me Out

Loving someone means taking a great risk.
Coz you can’t be sure that they can give you back

The love you have shown on them.

Always remember these thoughts.

"Some people are not meant to be in your life
no matter how you want them to be"

I’d like tell you I love you.
But all I can do is stay and cry in silence.
Suddenly I started to realize that my heart is suffering from dumbness.
I’m losing all the strength to move on and to forget.
Because I know it would be better
if I'll just walk away without any single word.
This heart is really torn apart and I can’t fight this feeling.
I’m holding on to nothing.
I don’t want you to see,
how this stupid heart starts breaking into pieces.
Sorry if I had love you,
I know you won’t feel the same way too
now it’s time to move on
its time to step behind,
and leave all those empty spaces
let this feeling from me unwind.
But before I go, I want you to remember that,

"For every tear that falls from your eyes,

Two falls from mine"



SaDHeaRt said...

ayn ng view na naman ako my bago k nanamang post yabang haha....

e2 ung blog ko

_vhyne_ said...

nice one..tnx sa comment u poh sa blog ko.. ur free to visit dun anytime....
ur good, meron p palang mga sensitive na guy tulad u...hmmm,keep it up..!!