Sunday, November 9, 2008

its the reason

once in my life, i met a person whom i fell inlove with.
i told myself that i would never let her go
i promise that i will nver hurt her
my mind revolves only her on that days
the days when i was so inlove with her
til one day,i realize that i have the guts to tell to you
what i feel.
but things started to went wrong,
its too late for me and my feelings
she dont have feelings for me
and i feel so sick about that
she told me that somebody took her heart
my heart started to break on that moment
my tears began to flow down from my eyes
and i dont know what to do
now im starting to pick all of the broken
pieces of my heart one by one,
im puutung them alltogehther
how can is start over again???
i know that i have to forget about her
i know i need to let go and start things
allover again..
and be thankful that somehow, i met a person like you
a person who made my life so meaningful
i wanna thnk her for that
its been a year since then, and i think this is the
longest and saddest year of my life
were good friends, but whenever i saw them with his guy together
i cant help my feelings to cry
now i need to heal myself
to start a new life, coz i know she will never be mine
and this....
this is all i have..
i will never ever forget you