Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Last Time

Just read it from someone's blog. A sad yet a very inspiring story.

once in my life i found the person i considered my soulmate.and that's you. i told myself, that i would do anything,love you and never gonna hurt were my bestfriend, my love, my everything...we were happy.. til one day, you came to me and said,"im sick, im afraid i can't stay with you any longer..."i didn't believe you at first,but when i saw those tears fall down your cheeks,it spells out the truth about how you really feel were deeply hurt, yah, i know... i was hurt too...i brought you to the hospital,despite you telling me its useless...I asked the doctor about your condition,he can't barely look straight into my eyes,and he said "it was too late..."And my life has changed at that very moment...All of the sudden i found myself at the chapel,with my head down, on bended knees, yelling... asking why???I knew it, but i just can't accept it...I was down, completely. but i had to be strong for you worst...i was loving you...Until the day has come for us to say goodbye...those six long years we've shared was gone in a just a second...if only I knew that was the last time,I should have held you and never let go.the kiss, whisper, and embrace... it was the last,you never hugged me that way before...i can feel it, your arms gently falls down from my back...i know you're gone...we always thought our love was enough for us to last...and i thought my love was enough to make you happy...but its not... it was a sad ending, it's god's will...I know you're happy now wherever you are...And here i am, hurting.... broken....trying to start over once again...i know i can't get you back..and i won't be seeing you again...Im sorry if you see my life falling apartMy heart is shattered down the floorWith each piece I pick up -one by one, piece by piece,its more than a year nowthis has been the longest year of my life,the most painful time i ever had...i tried to live my life, without you in it...but the sadness of the nightbrings back the days we had,the time you let go of my hand,the moment i surrendered you...silence reminds me of all the sorrow,the pain, and my hopelessness...Help me! Heal me!let me suffer in silence 'til i get over you...and slowly, i can let you go... and i, i will be ME again...i can still feel you... i am still loving you silently,But i will be keeping my promise,i will move on... but i will never forget you...Hear me say this, One last time
..."i have found the essence of my life,i have discovered Myself and a world
that's beautiful,..Because of you..."My love, my misery,I'll let go of you
now,its time to set myself free
..i know it'll be hard..coz this love.....this is all i have...

from wyteheart


wyteheart said...


nilagay mo pala to sa blog mo..

salamat ah!

na-appreciate ko to...


MaMORoE said...

ala un pare!!!
kakainspire kc ahaha!!!
kaw first comment ko sa blog ko
ty dudez