Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too Far From Your Smile

I'm now walking away from those pretty smiles
Stepping out my feet, behind those glittering eyes
Her sweet and me llowish voice
This broken heart is screaming his goodbyes

I talk to the stars every night
Pretendin' it’s you. suddenly I realize
they're all similar to you
too far to reply to whatever I'm saying
can't hear me whenever I’m talking

Its always been a mystery
why tears fall because of pain
but now I've got the answer
they're also like heaven and rain

The past remains here with me
and I’m trying my best to get out from it
like what i said, "soon I’ll be okay"
That’s a promise, I will never be the same

This may be the ending
Of this very sad story
But I'm thankful about it
‘Coz you are the one
Who brought colors to its pictures

Someday, someone will fix things out
Someone will heal my broken heart
Smile will shine again on my face
Somehow, time will erase the pain

I’m now far from your pretty smile
Miles and miles away pain will fade in time
I know the sun of happiness will shine again
It will clear all of the sadness
To where the memories of the past are written



melzy said...

ganda naman ng blog.. kakatuwa basahin mga blog mu.. ahah..
ingats ingats..

_virgreen_ said...

tnx 4 d comment po^^
alam Q po di
kailangang umiwas sa luv
kz di nmn ntin yun napi2gilan eh..
kaya nga po
habang di pa ganun klalim ung feelings Q
hinihinto Q na..
baka kz lalo pa Qng mhulog eh
mahirap na^^
tnx po ulet sa comment^^
naway mahanap mo n po ung
tamang tao na mkkpag pabalik
ng mga ngiti mo!!


_fallenheart_ said...

_nice post..
_once again...
great works...!!


morbid said...
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morbid said...

ang sad nmn :(