Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Vision Of Insanity

I have given up all of my strength

But still, I’m not the one for you

Yeah I want you to be happy

Even if the reason is not me

I'm letting you go now

Coz I know It’s the right thing to do

I've let the pain tear my heart apart

Done it all coz of my love for you

Now, all I can do is to stare at you from a distance

Holding back my tears

Coz I don’t want you to see it falling

All I want you to see is that I'm smiling

This is the hardest part of giving you up

I know I’m letting you go and I’ll leave this heart empty

You won’t really care for me after all

With all of this heartaches

Bleeding inside my soul

It’s time to set myself free

For tears to start fading

I know someday, somehow

This heart can start moving on

I’m erasing the memories

You've written across my heart

I’m down, but I keep on standing

I’m in pain but I just keep fighting

I can fight this feeling and I’m sure about that

And I want you to see

How strong to let go I was

I’m now turning the pages

The chapters of your memories
I’m nearly finish reading

This really sad story

Now I learned

Not every story has its own happy ending

But whatever the ending was

I know I’ll learn a lot from it