Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad Thoughts Of Saying Goodbye

Sometimes, things went better if you'll just let them go, you need to accept the fact that even you want them to stay, they just can’t. Because some people were not meant to be in your life, no matter how you want them to be. Things will go on the right time at the right place, if not now, just wait and you will see. Life has its own wonderful way of making things better, if pain starts to go down, then just be strong to let go. Everything happens for its own reason.

I wrote all of these knowing that this will worth nothing to you. Things wouldn't change by this stupid writings I have made. But still, all of these are for you. Your name is behind every word I have written in this. Each of its letters spells your memory out.

Now, I’m here, finding out words to say goodbye. Leaving those memories that was once gave me a smile. I know I can let you go. I can still find a right person who will care for me the way I have loved you.

Time will come and I will finish picking up the broken pieces of my heart that you have left inside me. Tears will no longer fall from my eyes. I know I made a right decision, to give you up. Promise me you'll love him with all of your heart. Make him smile, like the way you did to me.

I will now walk on a different path. But if someday our roads meet again, you'll see a better me. You'll see a smile glowing in my face. Thank you for making me happy even just for a while. I promise, I will be happy, I will smile at the right time.



Odnanref said...

wow... wala akong ibang masabi kundi... naiiyak ako habang binbasa ko ang mga sinulat mo..._