Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love is Leaving

Thank you for all those times you've cared. For all of those memories we once shared. I know your happy right now with him and me? I’m lifting this broken heart of mine. Away from what yesterday had made it cry. I want this heart to be free to start a new life. A life with joy and happiness. I want to seek for someone whose willing to wipe all of my tears who’s gonna be around for me forever. Let me escape from all of those aches and pain. I know I can make it, Even if I’m not with you. This is my silent way of telling you I love you. I will now look for my own happiness. But let me tell you my sweet goodbyes.

You've made me strong, from all those pains. I know you can see me happy, smiling at some ways. This broken soul is starting to mend. But maybe someday , if the feelings comes again.I’m not gonna love, what I have done the same way again. I will now break the pain that once broke my heart and I know I can ease the heartaches.


All I want to say is goodbye. I’m telling you these words because now I know.

Now I’m never gonna cry.

As I walk alone, I will leave your memories behind

I know I can make it

Even without your smile

I want you to be happy

For the rest of your life

Don’t want to see

A single tear from your eyes

It’s been so long since this heart starts to break

Now I know it’s the right time to let it mend

I’m now through with love

I’m now through with pain

And I don’t wanna feel the same way again

This heart needs to leave you

And I know he can

‘Coz this bleeding heart

Ss so tired of being broken

Now I’m erasing all those memories

You’ve written across my heart

Leaving all those empty spaces

That once fell apart

Let me say I love you

But it also means goodbye

Hear me say these words again

Just one last time

You'll always be a part of my memories



aron said...

ang bangis mo!

-boss aron 4-6

aron said...

ang galing mo pre!
idol n kita!
pnlo b ang dota team ng 4-6?

_virgreen_ said...

ang galing nman^^